Xcerra’s New Ultra-Compact DxV: Accelerated Time-to-Volume

DxV enables new ways to reduce time from design validation to volume production

Xcerra Tester Group launches the DxV ­-  an ultra-compact ATE with 5 high performance instrument slots, which has been designed for production and evaluation lab use. The DxV completes Xcerra’s toolset supporting efforts for fastest time-to-volume.

The DxV is a five slot variant of the successful Diamondx platform. It is a compact self-contained single ‘box’ solution providing 5 configurable slots for a range of standard Diamondx instruments. The DxV features a fully integrated, production worthy ATE design in ultra-small dimensions, portability, and low weight. The system is designed for low acoustic noise of 55 dB enabling deployment of the DxV in office spaces and engineering labs.
For initial production configuration the DxV features direct or cable dock, and a light portable manipulator option. The DxV is easy to set up and runs the full suite of Unison production tools. The DxV facilitates the transitions to high volume production on the Diamondx, as it uses the same test software and runs the same program.

Together with established Xcerra tools for silicon development the DxV enables the customers to efficiently improve their time-to-volume. The comprehensive Xcerra toolset supports the entire process from design to ´validation to production readiness and finally volume production.

The DxV provides a low cost high density ATE in a small portable and flexible package, offering all the advantages of a mainstream ATE but allows bench to production use.

To learn more about the DxV, please visit http://ltxc.com/DxV