Xcerra Development Center (XDC) officially opens to Support Taiwan Customers

Xcerra Corporation is pleased to announce the establishment of a direct presence in Taiwan with the opening of our Xcerra development center (XDC) in Zhubei City. The XDC will provide prompt, high level technical support for customers in the region and beyond. When fully staffed it will include qualified persons for performing activities such as production engineering and interfacing, advanced applications support, technical product marketing, and business development. The XDC will also provide support to Spirox Corporation, our distributor in Taiwan, who remains the primary conduit for the sale and service of Xcerra semiconductor test products in Taiwan.

XDC will work closely with the product engineering groups to help align Xcerra’s product roadmaps with local customers’ future high-volume production test requirements. There will be an accelerated response time to support our customers and Spirox because we no longer will need to fly support in from other regions. A local Xcerra team will enable us to be engaged in business development activities day to day to help us grow the customer base. There will be more technical resources that are aligned with international drivers into the region. It allows Xcerra to improve communications between customers and Xcerra engineering and support teams, resulting in i) expediting response times, ii) shortening the “time-to-resolution” factor, iii) providing heightened skill set in region with direct access to Xcerra, and iv) providing a path for customers to learn more about our test systems from same-language experts and having a local apps force that can guide customers in maximizing the architectural benefits of Xcerra products.

The facility is located in Zhubei City close to Hsinchu Park and the HSR Station, and includes a test engineering lab featuring Xcerra’s Diamondx and X Series testers. The facility is operational and ready to support customers in a wide range of technologies including automotive radar, IoT, mobility and display driver ICs.

Xcerra Development Center (XDC)
No. 108, Sec. 2, Wenxing Rd, Zhubei City,
Hsinchu Country 30274, Taiwan,  R.O.C.