Xcerra™ CTO, Dr. Reinhart Richter to Present at Test Vision 2020

“Does the Internet of Things force us to rethink our test strategies?”

Xcerra™ Corporation today announced that Dr. Reinhart Richter will present at the upcoming Test Vision 2020 conference, scheduled to take place July 9 and 10 in San Francisco. The presentation will be held in the “loT Related Subjects” session on Thursday, July 10 from 3:00 to 4:15 pm.

Dr. Richter will focus how the new sensors devices that are required to support the loT can be tested and calibrated efficiently. Sensor test typically includes providing a defined stimulus signal while the device is being tested not only to validate the device function but also to calibrate its output signals.

Over the past two decades handler manufactures have provided test handlers, with a stimulus module. Some sensor handling equipment has also been built for specific stimuli and using traditional pick & place concepts.

It is clear though that standard gravity, pick & place and turret handlers were designed for different applications – other package types, test times, tester constraints, temperature requirements etc.

While testers can be reconfigured and re-used, it is not uncommon that test handlers cannot be upgraded to meet the next generation requirements and are essentially obsoleted by device package outlines shrinking beyond the practical capability of the handling concept initially chosen for the first generation sensor device.

In the presentation Dr. Richter will discuss application areas and limits of “classical” gravity, pick & place or turret sensor handling with a stimulus box and their economics. The alternatives include sensor calibration by electrical stimulus, wafer level stimulus; strip testing and carrier based testing. Pro‘s and con‘s will be reviewed in detail.

Dr. Richter will also review challenges of upcoming sensor fusion into single packages (“combos”) and the integration with radios and uControllers as driven by the loT.

Reinhart Richter is Chief Technical Officer of the Xcerra Corporation. He holds a doctorate degree in Solid State Physics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. After graduation, Reinhart worked for three years in a project on the industrialization of neutron radiography. He then worked several years as a consultant on using statistics and statistics software in quality control, engineering and research and later moved into an account management position for these products in the semiconductor industry. At KLA-Tencor Corp. he served as account and sales manager, director of a business unit, and director of operations in Central Europe. In 2002 he joined Multitest as Vice President for Sales, Service and Marketing. 2011 he was appointed CEO of Multitest.