The World’s First 75 dB SNR Microphone Test Cell

Xcerra successfully introduced high parallel complete test cell solution for high-quality microphones

Xcerra successfully installed three microphone test cells for high parallel testing of high-end microphones featuring a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 75 dB. This solution ideally supports microphone testing for mobile phones, tablets, other state-of-the-art consumer applications.

The Xcerra solution leverages the experience with microphone test from previous generations to provide 75 dB SNR system performance in a noise-reduced test floor environment. Based on the InCarrier/InStrip set-up high parallelism of singulated package is supported.

The complete test cell combines Xcerra state-of-the-art test equipment – InStrip batch handler optimized for acoustic low-noise behavior and Diamondx test platform – with the innovative Xcerra InPhone 75 dB SNR microphone test module. Additionally, Xcerra integrated third party InCarrier loader and unloader equipment from partners, as well as, customer specific components.

Gabriela Born, Director InStrip, InMEMS and IoT Products comments, “Our solution meets the requirements for higher test cell output with more stringent SNR requirements. We developed this unique solution in close cooperation with our customer leveraging the cross functional expertise of Xcerra’s product teams.”

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