Test Cell Innovation – TCI

Innovative technology and a comprehensive product range for best cost of test

  • Highlights

    • standard ICs and MEMS/sensor test and calibration
    • singulated packages and strip test
    • tri-temp range and ambient test
  • Fully Integrated Solutions

    • Tester
    • Handler
    • Load Boards
    • Contactors
    • Test Cell Integrated and Validation
  • The Process to Continuous Optimization

    1. Plug & Yield Test Cell
    2. The Connected Test Cell
    3. The Smart Test Cell

Fully Integrated, Pre-Validated Solutions

With leading technology and expertise in all critical elements of the test cell, Xcerra Corporation is able to provide our customers fully-integrated, pre-validated solutions including the tester, handler, device under test (DUT) interface board and contactors, which will take semiconductor test to the next level.

New Levels of Test Optimization

When conventional approaches for cost of test optimization – like capex reduction or increasing multisite – reach their limits, Xcerra TCI provides further gains in productivity. Xcerra TCI “pin  to pin signal ownership” ensures that test cells are able to significantly shorten time-to-volume and meet the requirements of fast ramping and fluctuating demands. Exploiting the opportunities from new packaging trends and disruptive technologies require fastest adaptation. Xcerra TCI integration and pre-validation services will free-up customers‘ in-house resources and help them to strengthen their market position. Xcerra TCI provides a process for continuous optimization.

Phases for Test Cell Innovation

Based on the well-accepted Plug & Yield® program, the “Plug & Yield Test Cell” is a complete, pre-qualified and pre-validated test cell combining performance optimized elements for faster time-to-volume and improved yield.
Looking ahead, the Connected Test Cell will focus on OEE and yield improvement, enabled by real-time data collection and analysis, predictive maintenance and fail-safe set-up features. The Smart Test Cell will increase the automation level of final test operations based on an adaptive, self-learning system.

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