Sensor Test Handlers

Xcerra MEMS modules combine the advantages of well established and production proven tri-temp test handling equipment with innovative concepts to meet the special requirements of the MEMS market. The modular design concept allows greatest flexibility and best return on investment.

Xcerra MEMS modules are available for a variety of sensor test application, for singulated devices but also for cost-efficient strip test and the latest test strategy: test in carriers.

Singulated Package MEMS Test

Strip Test for MEMS

  • Key Features

    • easy docking and undocking of the MEMS modules to the standard test handler
    • test in the complete tri-temp range for ambient, hot and cold
    • easily convertible to other packages
    • downscaled stand-alone engineering set-up available
    • global support by experienced Xcerra staff
  • Various MEMS Stimuli Available

    • up to 9 DOFs
    • high g accelerometer
    • low g accelerometer
    • gyroscope with constant yaw rate
    • gyroscope with sinusoidal stimulus
    • pressure sensor
    • electromagnetic applications
    • 3D electromagnetic compass test
    • optical sensors
    • oscillators
    • microphone test
    • humidity sensors