PAx-ac Instruments

The PAx-ac Tester Resources: DragonRF Subsystem

  • Highlights

    • up to 32 Universal RF Ports
    • 6 GHz RF modulated source, and up to 18 GHz RF measure
    • <1ms RF settling time on level and frequency change
    • up to 8 receiver paths each with an analog bandwidth exceeding 200 MHz for octal site parallel RF measurements
    • SWG-HSB – high performance waveform synthesizer
    • dynamic range enhancement (DRE) feature
    • option low jitter clock
    • coherent and low noise architecture

The DragonRF universal instrumentation on the PAx-ac is suited for a broad range of devices used in IoT, cellular, and WLAN, devices. An extensive library of RF standards including LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbeee, CDMA, GSM, Edge, WCDMA, and WiGig enable fast time to market. Applications include:

  • loT low power modules
  • multiband multimode RF power amplifiers
  • multiband multimode RF front end modules
  • RF analog system in package devices
  • other RF discrete devices