PAx-ac RF PA/FEM System

  • Benefits

    • increased UPH (units per hour) with ultra-fast settling times, typically less than 1ms
    • improved source flexibility to develop lower cost configurations and increased multisite
    • single-site or multi-site cost effectiveness
    • minimal facility cost structure
    • maximum production efficiency
  • Key Features and Capabilities

    • production ready, proven capabilities
    • leverages Xcerra X-Series RF installed base
    • measure frequency extension to 18GHz for third harmonic testing
    • 100 / 200MHz digital test pins for more complex and higher speed digital protocols
    • Xcerra DragonRF test technology for PA and FEMs
  • Instruments

    • PAx-ac can be configured with a range of instruments that are designed to address the test challenges for a broad range of RF power amplifiers and front end modules used in cellular and connectivity applications, including 802.11AC, the emergent 802.11ax standard, LTE-A, HSPDA, WCDMA, GSM, Edge, WCDMA, Bluetooth plus a variety of standards.

PAx - The Market Leading Solution for RF Front End Device Testing

The X-Series PAx-ac test system has been specifically developed to address the test challenges of advanced front end RF devices used in 4G and 5G Wireless applications which require ever more demanding RF test capabilities at a lower cost of test. The PAx-ac delivers  uncompromised RF performance in a low cost system for testing RF power Amplifiers and FEMs for next generation standards including 802.11ac, LTE and LTE-advanced.

PAx-ac can be Configured to Meet the Challenging Multiband Standards of Today and in the Future

The RF instrumentation on the PAx-ac is suited for a broad range of devices used in WLAN, WiMAX, LTE, CDMA, GSM, Edge, WCDMA, Bluetooth plus a variety of other standards for:

  • multiband RF power amplifiers
  • RF front end modules
  • RF analog system in package devices
  • other RF discrete devices

High Performance RF Test Instruments for a Broad Range of Applications

RF Source and Measure:

  • 32 ports, each configured for full vector capability
  • 6GHz RF modulated source and 8GHz RF measure
  • <1 ms RF settling time on level and frequency
  • new, super compact RF synthesizers configurable to provide full octal site testing
  • suite of DC, digital and time measurement instruments
  • full system calibration including RF auto calibration kit
  • Unison – the Xcerra cross-platform test system software
  • expansion capability for additional instruments
  • low power single phase facility requirements
  • integrated manipulator standard

Dynamic Range >90 db using the DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancement) feature:

  • faster test time
  • faster correlation to bench  data
  • improved yield