An ATE Paradigm Shift in RF Test

  • Highlights

    • ultra compact RF instrument
    • for the complete range of RF connectivity applications; WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPS, DVB, FM and more
  • Key Features

    • highest throughput enabled by real time processing, high speed PCI Express data transfer and full parallel source and measure
    • benchtop instrument design and calibration strategy enables portability between Xcerra systems typically less than 30 minutes
    • annual calibration cycles
    • built-in low jitter clock and baseband signaling
  • Benefits

    • a lower cost of test by over 50% compared to traditional competitive solutions
    • the widest IF bandwidth in the industry, allowing for fast and accurate testing of all existing standards and the newly emerging 802.11ac devices
    • powerful embedded DSP processing to enhance dynamic range and produce the fastest throughput
    • an ultracompact RF system (the size of a laptop), which can easily upgrade any Diamond Series of X-Series tester in the field in typically 30 minutes
    • the lowest annual operating cost due to a calibration strategy which eliminates costly hardware and improves test cell operational efficiency

Nighthawk - a New Paradigm for RF ATE

Connectivity semiconductors are high volume, price sensitive ICs used in a diverse and growing portfolio of consumer products. Future growth challenges include ever increasing performance requirements only to be matched competitive margin pressure.

Faced with margin pressures, the only option is to stretch large old technology test systems into massive multi-site configurations. However, massive multi-site is not a true cost down alternative as those solutions raise capital cost, over time lowers capital utilization, complicates operational process, while extending time to market.  Nighthawk, the result of 30 years of RF/DSP test experience, is a true paradigm shift improving on every aspect of production test cost.

A Unique Approach for RF Connectivity Test Challenges

Nighthawk CT sets a new benchmark for low cost Connectivity RF test. The culmination of 30 years RF/DSP experience is integrated into a small high performance RF test extension compatible with Diamond and X-Series platforms.

Nighthawk’s design leverages the same RF semiconductor innovations that enable today’s consumer connectivity solutions. The goal is to match the ever shrinking semiconductor ASP with a high performance, low-priced RF test system. Nighthawk accomplishes this by embedding all required source, measure and DSP modules into a small air cooled package. This not only reduces the cost of the RF system, but replaces expensive tester instrumentation. The result is a product with benchtop portability that has the performance of high volume manufacturing ATE. Nighthawk provides true quad site parallel transceiver test capability at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional test systems. In addition, all popular connectivity modulation standards are included in the system price.

Simple to Install, Easy to Program

Nighthawk’s test performance is among the best in the industry with full coverage for all connectivity bands and new features optimizing both test development and test time. Any Diamond10, Diamondx or X-Series tester can be easily upgraded to full RF capability within 30 minutes. Additionally, each platform can support two Nighthawk modules providing eight sources, eight receivers and eight digitizers for outstanding throughput in octal site mode. Dual configurations can also simultaneously test two different connectivity standards.