Multitest’s MEMS and Sensor Test and Calibration Portfolio Supports the Increasing Functionalities of Mobile Phones

Multitest meets performance and cost requirements of today‘s mobile applications

The Multitest has been providing MEMS and sensor test and calibration equipment for more than ten years. Originally driven by the automotive market Multitest continuously expanded the product offering to meet the needs of consumer and mobility applications. Today Multitest provides solutions for accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure and gas sensors, humidity sensors, magnetometers, microphones, optical sensors and oscillators. The set-ups cover test of singulated packages, high-parallel testing up to multi-DOF test.

The features and functionalities of smartphones significantly grew. Portrait/landscape switching, pedometers, gaming, navigation have been complemented by location-based services, 3D gaming, advanced user interfaces, high-resolutions camera stabilization, and authentication. Barometric features, indoor navigation and activity monitoring have been the latest enhancements. Analyzing the bill of materials of the recently launched smartphones gives some insight, which types of sensors are deployed to enable this: accelerometers, gyroscopes, proximity, compass and barometers. In the more advanced phones gesture and heart rate sensors are integrated.

Andreas Nagy, Senior Director Marketing Handler & TCI comments: “Based on our experience and the comprehensive portfolio we are able to fully cover the technical requirements. Moreover, our equipment concept addresses the also business challenges in this fast moving and volatile market: high volumes, fast ramping, and substantial cost pressure. Our solutions are modular, flexible and re-configurable and support high parallel test of both – strips and singulated packages. For combo sensors multi-stimuli solutions up to 9 DOF are available. Within the Xcerra group we are able to deliver a turnkey MEMS/sensor test call including testing (ATE), MEMS/sensor actuation and package handling. This way our customers are able to combine the advantages of a complete solutions with the substantial benefits from a modular concept.”