MT9510 x16

High Parallel Tri-Temp Pick and Place Handler

  • Key Features

    • up to 16 contact site
    • outstanding temperature performance
    • tri-temp from -55 to +175 °C
    • kitable system for QFP, BGA, PGA, QFN and other packages
    • advanced, scalable ESD protection
    • contacting: standard, high frequency & Kelvin
    • throughput up to 5,300 uph
    • installed MT9510 base: more than 800 systems

  • Handling Solution for

    • large and small size packages, e.g. QFP, BGA, PGA and QFN
    • device size from 2×2 to 20×20 mm
  • Applications

    • sensor test
    • automotive power devices
    • RF and communication
    • logic, amplifier and linear
    • processors and DSP´s

Enhanced Test Parallelism

The MT9510 x16 enhances the well-established platform of the MT9510 XP for up to 16 contact sites

Based on MT9510 XT

The MT9510 x16 continues the MT9510 XP features in terms of reliability, temperature performance and advanced options.

MEMS / Sensor Test

In combination with the Xcerra sensor test modules, the MT9510 x16 offers a wide range of sensor test solutions on pick-and-place test handlers.