Most Flexible MEMS/ Sensor Test and Calibration Equipment for Best RoI

Multitest offers efficient solutions for a wide range of applications

Multitest MEMS test equipment is based on a modular design, which combines well established handling equipment with state-of-the-art test and calibration modules dedicated to the specific application. This approach offers proven benefits for the test quality and the return on investment.

Multitest’s portfolio includes solutions based on strip test as well solutions, which leverage the capabilities of the standard gravity or pick-and-place handling systems for up to 8 parallel test sites. All systems cover the full ambient-hot-cold temperature range. Whereas the strip test systems provide best cost of test for high volumes, smaller to medium production volumes benefit from the lower investment requirements for gravity and pick-and-place based systems.

The handling systems for singulated test are combined with “MEMS” cart, which houses the exchangeable MEMS stimulus box, which is designed according to the dedicated customer requirements. This way highest flexibility is ensured: By exchanging the stimulus box the MEMS cart can be converted for different MEMS applications. By undocking the MEMS cart from the test handler, the handler is ready for standard IC test. This offers the opportunity to first calibrate the MEMS part of the device and then perform the final electrical test on the same equipment.

Multitest offers a comprehensive portfolio of MEMS test solutions based on gravity and pick-and-place handlers including high g accelerometers (up to 100 g), low g or gyroscopes up to 6 degrees of freedom, magnetometer with rotating stimulus or Helmholtz coils and pressure test applications.

Andy Ludwig, Product Mangers comments: “Leveraging our knowledge from handling equipment with an installed base of more than 3,500 and our experience in MEMS/sensor test and calibration equipment of more than 15 years, we are able to offer high quality solutions to our customers, which combine proven standard solutions with custom tailored modules in the most efficient way.”