Integrated Multi-System Architecture (IMA)

Driving a New Level of Production Efficiency

  • IMA Benefits


    • create large tester arrays or reconfigure a tester array back into singulated test cells, thereby achieving overall higher asset utilization.
    • save capital by investing in compact, lower cost building blocks.

    Multi-site Efficiency:

    • IMA test arrays utilize parallel processing in the multi-system architecture. This results in near 100% multi-site efficiency as additional testers are added to a tester array.

    Resource Density:

    • an IMA tester array of Diamond systems has the highest resource density offered today.
    • this extraordinary resource density facilitates docking to a single handler or probers in high multi-site applications further reducing production floor space, capital associated with handling equipment and energy consumption, creating a more efficient test floor and significantly lowering costs.

The IMA Paradigm

Integrated Multi-System Architecture (IMA) supports the assembly of test system arrays using lower cost, compact test systems as fundamental building blocks. This new test paradigm allows customers to maximize production floor flexibility and utilization resulting in lower cost of test and reduced capital spending.

IMA Architecture

IMA is an ATE architecture enabling the creation, on the production floor, of large tester arrays utilizing compact, lower cost test systems. Further, IMA tester arrays can be rapidly reconfigured back into individual test cells to address the constantly shifting capacity needs of semiconductor production. Allowing the ultimate in flexibility, IMA tester arrays eliminate the need to purchase physically large, high pin count systems for test resource intensive applications. IMA arrays enable semiconductor manufacturers to adopt the most cost effective manufacturing test strategies for the complete range of SoC and SiP applications.

Diamond – The First IMA Compliant Test System

The first offering using IMA is the Diamond10. As an example, an IMA tester array using three air-cooled Diamond10 test systems will provide test capability up to 2,400 digital/analog pins, in a footprint one half the floor space compared to traditional high pin count platforms.

Diamondx IMA: The by three tester array, allows for test systems scaling to 10,000 pins.

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