High Parallel Test of ICs and Sensors

  • Highlights

    • high parallel test of ICs and Sensors
    • handling of substrate strips and lead frames and carriers

  • Key Features

    • temperature range: -40 °C +125 °C
    • panel exchange time < 3,5 s
    • indextime < 250 ms
    • massive parallel testing capability
    • large soak capacity
    • slotted input and output
    • conversion in less than 15 minutes
    • maximum contacting force 4000 N

  • Applications

    • consumer
    • automotive and power devices
    • RF and communication
    • logic, analog and microcontrollers
    • flash memory
    • sensor test
    • 3D packages
    • 3D in-process test

Modular and Scalable System for Full Temperature Test

InStrip test handler is designed to test standard or sensor devices in substrate strips or lead frames at different temperatures. The InStrip platform offers a modular and scalable concept to support the different customer requirements and ensure good return of investment.

Advanced Contacting and Best Positioning Accuracy

One of the system highlights is the broad range of contacting solutions and the auto vision alignment of the individual strips to the contact sites to support high parallel test.

Wide Range of Applications for ICs, MEMS, and Test In Carriers

The same platform supports standard strip test and can be extended to test and calibrate sensor devices in strip compound by adding a MEMS test module to it. These sensor application-specific InMEMS test modules will be attached on top of the standard InStrip. They can be converted for various package types. The Xcerra InCarrier leverages the InStrip advantages for singulated packages by loading them into a dedicated tray that is then processed in the standard InStrip® handler. Due to its unique design, the InStrip handler can be configured to match the special requirements of in-process test of 3D packages.