InSite – Process Monitoring and Control

  • Highlights

    • machine OEE and utilization online monitoring
    • performance tracking and analysis
    • various customizeable reporting
    • MES process option

  • Key Features

    • continuous online data capture
    • real time machine status
    • various performance statistics, data analysis
    • overall history for machine & conversion kit
    • central lot management
    • central recipe management
    • machine log book
    • preventive maintenance
    • easy IT & MES integration

  • Applications

    • quick performance analysis
    • central lot management
    • central recipe management
    • real time productivity increase
    • process control

InSite provides a great capability for machine status monitoring and e-diagnostic, helping the fab to improve the productivity and to achieve best OEE.

Machine data will be continuously captured. Online and historical data will be used to perform extensive data analysis to generate KPIs and various statistics, e.g. OEE, UPH, performance-, time-, failure statistic, etc.

Various reports are available and customizable for different use cases, e.g.

  • quick status overview of all machines
  • get daily / weekly / monthly output
  • monitor OEE trend for specific machine or conversion kit
  • check machine events and failure history
  • tracking of preventive maintenance
  • machine log book

Additionally, InSite offers some process control features, such as central lot and recipe management.

By means of an event & command programming interface (XML format) InSite MES Option provide ability to easily integrate the process control and performance data into customer MES.