Innovative Impedance Controlled Test Contactor for Maximized RF Power Transfer

Xcerra receives first high volume order for ICON Coaxial Contactor

Xcerra’s new ICON contactor is designed specifically for maintaining the native impedance of the device-under-test (DUT) through the contactor to the test system. Functional and AC parametric testing of high speed devices requires a high and bandwidth low noise interconnect to maintain the quality and/or fidelity of the test signal. As an impedance controlled contactor the ICON maximized high frequency power transfer by minimizing signal reflections (Return Loss).

The ICON is simple in its design and effective in use with insertion loss greater than 52 GHz at – 1 dB without distorting the test signal. The ICON spring probes carrying test signals that are impedance matched to the DUT and the test system at 50 Ohms. The ICON’s metal body is a Faraday shield/cage, which reduces cross talk (electromagnetic radiation) the primary cause of signal jitter. Along with this, the aluminum body blocks both static and non-static external electric fields (random noise) The 50 Ohm ICON is impedance matched to the device under test is the best way to maximize high frequency power transfer by minimizing signal reflections (Return Loss).

Bert Brost, Product Manager, explains: “Impedance mismatch / discontinuity causes a loss of signal power and signal fidelity. At high data rates this can cause signal overshoot, undershoot, and ringing and stairstep waveforms, which produces signal errors. Impedance mismatch can be overcome by matching the device-under-test to the contactor and to the test system. Our 50 Ohm ICON impedance matched coaxial contactor is the optimal solution for this.”

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