The InMEMS concept combines dedicated MEMS modules with the Xcerra InStrip®.
This expands the advantages of strip test to MEMS: high parallel test and stable device handling for small packages.

Xcerra InCarrier® also leverages these benefits for singulated devices.
The single packages are placed into a tray – the so called InCarrier® – and then handled in the Xcerra InStrip®.

  • Key Features

    • easy docking and undocking of the MEMS modules to the standard test handler
    • test in the complete tri-temp range for ambient, hot and cold
    • easily convertible stand-alone engineering set-up available
    • global support by experienced Xcerra staff
  • Various MEMS Stimuli Available Combo Sensors with Up to 9DOFs

    • high g accelerometer
    • low g accelerometer
    • gyroscope with constant rate
    • gyroscope with sinusoidal stimulus
    • TPMS and barometric pressure
    • electromagnetic applications
    • optical sensors
    • oscillators
    • microphone test
    • humidity and environmental sensors