InGyro Test Cell Solution Supports MEMS Test for the Chinese Market

Xcerra and Spirox collaborate to provide advanced technology to support the China MEMS market with the new tri-temp gyroscope test cell

Xcerra has shipped the first complete fully tri-temp capable MEMS test cell for gyroscope test and calibration to SITRI, the Shanghai Industrial µTechnology Research Institute. The complete test cell solution includes an LTX-Credence Diamondx tester, Multitest InStrip handler, the Multitest InGyro sensor test module and a functional test program. The system is the first shipment of the new InGyro module to support testing at temperatures from -40°C to +125°C. Spirox Corporation, Xcerra’s business partner in Taiwan and China, worked closely with SITRI to define this new solution, which supports the MEMS growth strategy of the Chines government.

The InGyro module for physical stimulation of inertial sensors under temperature conditions supports multiple target applications: accelerometers, gyroscopes, as well as multi-axis IMU’s (inertial measurement units) up to 9DOF (Degrees of Freedom). To meet the requirements of automotive and other demanding applications the temperature range of the InGyro has been expanded to the range of -40°C to +125°C.

The new InGyro expands Multitest’s family of inertial test modules. The modular InGyro Test Call can be reconfigured for multiple sensor types and will also be used for accelerometer test. It combines high stimulus and temperature accuracy for engineering characterization and development with high parallelism for volume production.

Within the range of applications the ACE probe are compatible with all device types, platings, and pitches; and all test applications, including singulated devices, strip test and wafer-scale test. The ACE contactor supports pitches down to 0.4 mm.

Charles Yang, President of SITRI explains: “We consider MEMS and sensors the main source of value in IoT systems. They add the capability that gives “things” the ability to sense and respond to the environment. Therefore MEMS/sensors is one of our areas of focus. We offer a full range of production and research capabilities and the new Xcerra MEMS Test Cell expands our capabilities into characterization and production test.”

Peter Cockburn, Senior Product Manager, Test Cell Innovation, comments, “By combining Spirox’s comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese market, and their expertise in MEMS applications support with equipment from Multitest and LTX-Credence, we were able to develop this high-volume production test TCI solution. The modular and highly flexible test call allows SITRI to reconfigure the set-up easily to meet the requirements of future applications”.