Increasing Test Cell Throughput:

Multitest adds “Super-Sharp” option to Quad Tech probes

Multitest Super-Sharp Option for Quad Tech probes provides an increase in test cell throughput and maintains the fidelity of the test signal over longer uninterrupted run times for higher yields. Multitest makes these advantages available to customers at no additional cost.

The Super-Sharp feature option is an increase in the sharpness of the probe tip while making the probe tip surface smoother. Super-Sharp advantages for the customer include increased run times between contactor cleaning, increased probe life, increased yield, and reduced system down time for contactor maintenance.

A cleaner piercing of surface oxides improves the interconnect quality of the probe to the device under test. Most notable is the improved repeatability of contact resistance over longer uninterrupted run times for increased cycle counts and yield between cleaning. The smooth surface of a Super-Sharp probe does not fill with solder as fast as the not so smooth surfaces of traditional probes. The smoother surface of the Super-Sharp probes help to improve test cell performance as measured by less system down time for cleaning, improved system up time with an increased number of parts tested between cleaning.

Senior Product Manager Bert Brost says “We apply advanced spring probe metrology and finishing to manufacture this innovative probe type, which is in direct response to the customers constant need to improve throughput in test.”

The Super-Sharp Option is available for Mercury, Gemini, Kelvin and Atlas.