InCarrier Loader plus

High Speed Loading for Test in Carriers

  • Highlights

    • flexible line set up with Xcerra InStrip and production-defined unloading equipment
    • addressing the productivity requirements of high volume production
  • Key Features

    • up to 16,000 uph
    • full device traceability
    • standard SEMI mapping interface G84 or E142
    • integrated loading quality control
    • carrier damage control

  • Supported Package Types and Input Media

    • JEDEC tray
    • bulk
    • plastic tube

High Throughput and Small Footprint

The InCarrier Loader plus is designed to minimize cost of loading and to increase throughput. Depending on packages sized up to 16,000 units per hour can be achieved. The InCarrier Loader plus optimized for smaller footprint requires less space on the test floor.

All Standard Transport Media Supported

The InCarrier Loader plus supporting standard backend transport media – such as JEDEC trays and bulk – can be smoothly integrated in state-of-the-art production lines.

Seamless Fit Into the Production Process

On the test floor the InCarrier Loader plus / InStrip solution can be combined with standard final packaging equipment for tape & reel, tube or tray output and therefore seamlessly fits into the production process.