High-Volume Manufacturing Testing of 5G Power Amplifiers

Keysight and Cohu Extend Collaboration

Cohu co-authored a press release with Keysight on the integration of Keysight’s 5G NR Signal Studio and PXI modular instruments with Cohu’s HVM radio frequency (RF) test tools (click here to read the press release). The press release highlights the collaboration of the two companies developing an integrated solution, which simplifies correlation of measurement test results between design validation and manufacturing test.

Engineering teams from Cohu’s Semiconductor Test Group (STG) and Keysight have been working together on the tool integration for over 2 years. Primary objective of this initiative is to shorten time-to-volume (TTV) of RF Front End Module (FEM) devices through much tighter integration of Design Validation and high-volume manufacturing (HVM) test IP.

The current 5G Test platforms from Cohu STG are PAx, with over 650 testers installed for RF PA/FEM 4G, along with the Diamondx platform that have been adopted by other companies requiring 4G and the emergent 5G test capabilities. These testers support 4G, the 5G-NR under 6 GHz, the emerging Wi-Fi 6 standard operating up to 7.2 GHz, as well as covering 10-15 GHz, 17-20 GHz, 26-30 GHz, 60 GHz and 77 GHz frequency bands. Learn more about Cohu’s 5G platforms here: