High Multi-Site Test of Pressure Sensors

Xcerra’s test cell for pressure sensors leverages the new InPressure HD module

Xcerra recently shipped a complete test cell for pressure test, which combines the new InPressure HD module for high pin count pressure test up to 16 bar with an LTX-Credence Diamondx tester, a Multitest InStrip test handler, Xcerra test interfaces and a third party pressure supply unit. In addition to the hardware, Xcerra developed the test program and provided full integration and validation services.

The customer is benefiting from the high-throughput capability of the Multitest InMEMS/InCarrier solution and the cost-efficiency of LTX-Credence Diamondx tester. The new InPressure HD module, which is an advanced version of the existing InPressure module, fully supports high multi-site test of high pin count devices with up to 2,268 signal lines.

The customer received a fully integrated and validated test cell for pressure sensor calibration, trim and test, providing fast time-to-volume and optimal OEE and yield. One of the advanced features of the integrated test cell is the ability of the handler to go through temperature calibration in the field by executing a setup calibration routine using the Diamondx tester.

Andreas Nagy, senior director, Test Cell Innovation, comments, “Very early in the engagement the customer made clear that they would only select a full test cell solution for their absolute pressure sensor targeted at automotive applications. The Xcerra solution, combining strip-like parallel testing of singulated packages to achieve full traceability at highest throughput and all the benefits of a test cell offering, including the application development and validation, exactly met the customer demands.”