Changes the Rules of Design Through to Production Test

  • Highlights

    • full semiconductor ATE performance in a desktop PC footprint
    • designed for use in lab, office or production test floor

  • Key Features

    • leverages Diamond high performance PCIe architecture
    • workstation fully integrated inside system
    • 5 instruments slots configurable with range of Diamondinstruments
    • Unison software compatibility with other Xcerra test platforms
    • true zero footprint production set up

  • Applications

    The DxV is ideally suited for:

    • IoT & sensor device testing
    • post silicon validation and evaluation
    • high throughput probe test applications
    • low lot sized samples or quality test and analysis

The DxV - Big Things Come in Small Packages

The DxV changes the rules of the design through to production test flow. It provides both the flexibility and compact size to be used in offices or small benchtop lab situations but with high performance, high density instrumentation to deliver real ATE performance in high volume production test environments.

Can be Used as a Validation Tool or for Initial Production

The DxV uses the same proven architecture as the successful Diamondx and with its ultra compact footprint and links to other design validation tools, can be easily used to meet the needs of silicon validation and initial production stages. With these links to approved 3rd party software tools for silicon validation and 3rd party hardware instrumentation, the DxV is the ideal pre-production engineering workstation.

Smallest Footprint for a High Performance SOC Test System

The test system is a self contained unit with an embedded high performance Linux controller running Xcerra’s Unison test environment and associated tools. The ‘single box’ design and low overall weight enables true zero footprint test floor impact when docked to probe or final test material handlers.

Averaging less than 50 lbs for the basic system, with air cooling and single phase low power supply requirements of 200-240 V, the Cost of Ownership economics with respect to facility costs are significantly reduced in comparison to traditional high performance ATE.

Part of the Diamondx Family

The DxV has five high throughput Diamondx compatible slots allowing configuration of a range of Diamondx instrumentation, digital options spanning high density 192 channel general purpose full featured digital pins to memory port and high speed serial of 6.4 Gbps.

DC and mixed signal instrumentation includes 72 channel VI solutions and 24 bit converter options.

The DxV a full featured ATE in a desktop size delivers flexibility and enables use limited only by imagination.