The Next Generation RF Test Solution for 4G and Beyond

  • Highlights

    • high performance RF test capability
    • new levels of manufacturing test efficiencies
  • Key Features

    • configurable with 16 or 32 Universal RF ports per module with an optional port to pin expander doubling the number of RF ports to 64 pins
    • two DragonRF instruments can be configured taking the maximum available RF pins up to 128 RF pins
    • 6 GHz RF modulable source and 8 GHz RF measure
    • <1 ms RF settling time on level and frequency change
    • quad site and octal site RF source with single and dual synthesizer respectively
    • up to 8 receiver paths each with an analog bandwidth exceeding 200 MHz for octal site parallel RF measurements
    • real time Dynamic Range Enhancer (DRE) per RF measure path
    • compact footprint RF generators
    • industry-leading source muxing flexibility
    • latest RF Synthesizer technology
    • cross-platform test system software: Unison
    • available across a range of Xcerra test platforms thus ensuring the most cost effective test capability no matter the end application
  • Benefits

    • extensive suite of new capabilities designed to provide the lowest cost of test without any compromise in RF test performance
    • innovative flexible architecture enables lower priced configurations without trade off in test coverage or test time

Devices and Applications

DragonRF is designed to support the latest wireless communication standards and future requirements whether it’s an RF Power Amplifier or a RF ASSP application. Leveraging the extensive Xcerra wireless modulation and demodulation library, supporting the complete set of tools to test cellular GSM, Edge, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA, LTE and connectivity devices including BT, BT EDR, BT4.0, GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/p and other emerging standards.
DragonRF provides up to 200 MHz IF bandwidth enabling whole spectrum capture by receiver to support ever increasing bandwidth in the newer wireless communication standards. Combining with leading SNR performance and optimized algorithm, DragonRF achieves the fastest and accurate EVM measurement to test the comprehensive performance of the most complicated devices with lowest test time.

Universal Port with Configuration Flexibility

DragonRF is design with universal vector port architecture that delivers the required level of performance with flexible configuration to match the customers’ device testing needs. Each DragonRF can be configured with 16, or 32 universal vector ports and up to 2 DragonRF are available on some configurations. DragonRF are available on some configurations. DragonRF can also be configured with 1, 2, 3, or 4 RF synthesizers to provide octal site modulated RF stimulus to the devices, and with 2, 4, or 8 RF measure paths for true parallel octal site RF measurements.

Industry-Leading Settling Times

DragonRF uses the latest technology in RF synthesizer and RF control circuitry in its design. The R&S SGS100 RF source is used as the synthesizer in DragonRF, which utilized the latest synthesizer architecture and software.
Combined with all CMOS RF paths in the new DragonRF module, DragonRF provides fast level and frequency settling time to 0.05 dB less than 1ms, greatly enhancing the test throughput, and lowering the cost of test.

RF Auto Calibration

DragonRF fully automated calibration process allow greater tester up-time and reduces operator induced error and variations. The DragonRF Auto Calibration kit offers a single self-contained calibration until that provides:

  • calibration of RF source, scalar measure, noise, and S-parameter measure
  • internal R&S power sensors
  • NIST traceable integrated RF power meter and noise source
  • factory calibrated RF Autocal fixture

Multi-Site Software

The Unison software environment provides users with fast single site development, instantaneous multi-site testing and test IP that can be used from device to device. Unison features cutting edge productivity tools that accelerate customers’ time-to-market for their next generation products.

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Better Yield with Dynamic Range Enhancer

Every RF receiver is equipped with real time Dynamic Range Enhancer (DRE) with embedded DSP capability. With DRE enabled, DragonRF provides more than 30 dB dynamic range, which is critical for RF parameters, especially ACPR measurement. This enables faster test time, faster correlation between ATE and bench-top instrument, and improved yield with extra margins above the noise floor.