Diamond10 Test System

The Value Standard for Production Test of Microcontroller and Cost-Sensitive Consumer and RF-Connectivity ICs

  • Key Features

    • universal instrument slots, allowing easy scaling from single to multisite and from digital only to mixed-signal configurations
    • an ultra-small footprint, ideal for lab development or high-volume production
    • 96-channel digital instruments featuring 100 Mbps operation with per-pin timing, formatting, levels and PMUs, along with scan and DSP data source and capture available on any channel
    • high performance mixed-signal instrumentation with four channels of audio/video/baseband source and measure
    • DSP instrumentation with four channels each of analog source and measure covering both audio and video applications, available in a single slot powerful mixed signal instrument
    • high-density analog instruments with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage/current source and measurement capabilities, enabling efficient, cost-effective multisite

The Diamond10 test system is a low-cost, high-throughput production test solution for cost-sensitive devices. Its small footprint, minimal facilities requirements and low power consumption drive down cost of operation, and make Diamond ideal for personal use in the lab or office.

High-density digital and analog instruments are suitable for testing of DVD player/recorder, DTV and STB demodulators and decoders, baseband and applications processor devices, RF connectivity ICs, PC peripheral SOCs as well as 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers.

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IMA – Integrated Multi-System Architecture

The Diamond platform is the first Xcerra offering using IMA. IMA allows customers to maximize production floor flexibility and utilization resulting in lower cost of test and reduced capital spending.

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