Diamond10 Test System Instruments

High-Density Digital and Analog Instruments

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    • DPIN96 – 96-channel 100Hz sequencer rate, 100Mbps digital instrument.
    • HDVI – 72-channel high density VI source.
    • VIS16 – 16-channel precision high-voltage VI source.
    • DPS16 – 16-channel high current device power supply.
    • Multi-wave – 8-channel mixed Signal instrument providing 4 digitizers and 4 arbitrary waveform generators.
    • NighthawkCT – 4 Tx & Rx RF Port 6GHz connectivity test capability.

High-density digital and analog instruments are suitable for testing of DVD player/recorder, DTV and STB demodulators and decoders, baseband and applications processor devices, RF Connectivity ICs, PC peripheral SOCs as well as 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers.