QuadTech – Spring Probe

High-Performance, Cost-Effective Contactors for High-Volume Production Test

  • Benefits

    • low initial cost
    • long probe life
    • easy field maintenance
    • high electrical performance
    • high test yields
    • low overall cost of test
    • mechanically robust
  • Key Features

    • revolutionary architecture
    • excellent plating quality
    • high current carrying capacity
    • excellent RF performance
    • low contact resistance
  • Applications

    • area arrays: BGA devices to 0.25 mm pitch
    • pad contact: QFN, DFN, LGA devices to 0.3 mm pitch
    • peripherally-leaded: QFP, SO devices to 0.4 mm pitch
    • singulated devices, strip test, and wafer-level test
    • engineering characterization
    • long life in high-volume production test

Creating a Legacy

QuadTech probes developed over a decade ago in response to demand for high performance test contactors at a lower price. The manufacturing process allows cost-effective production of extremely precise parts for assembly into finished probes. The product line has expanded to include probes for specialized functions, such as Kelvin contact and high RF performance. Further developments include optimized tip shapes and probes for ever-smaller pitches.


External springs provide excellent force and compliance characteristics in short probes. The ability to plate all external surfaces results in unparalleled plating quality: easily controlled and uniformly thick.


The features described above result in several advantages. High force provides the pressure necessary to penetrate oxides and debris to make low-resistance contact to solder or other plating on device contact points. Short probes are more capable of efficiently transmitting high-frequency signals. Excellent plating quality means low internal resistance, lubricity of internal contact points, and long probe life.


There is really only one benefit: Low cost of ownership. The advantages listed above result in low initial cost, high test yields, and long probe life – all the necessary ingredients for low cost of ownership.

And these benefits are available in contactors that support a huge variety of device types, plating, pitches and application requirements.