Compliant Connectors

  • Flexible Interconnect Solutions

    • superior durability in high life cycle applications
    • widest range of applications
    • flexible architecture

  • Well Established in Major Markets

    • military
    • medical
    • aerospace
    • test & measurement
    • transportation
    • industrial
  • Full Flexibility

    • row count
    • column count
    • end configuration
  • Multi-Phase Project Supported

    • application discovery
    • solution concept
    • design analysis
    • prototyping
    • production

Compliant Connectors offer superior durability in high cycle life applications. Pogo based solutions can maintain consistent electro-mechanical characteristics in excess of a million cycles. When mating planer tolerances pose a challenge or longer reach is required spring probe based connectors ensure best results.

ECT has developed Compliant Connectors for the past five decades. With an expanding suite of intellectual property, a legacy in spring probe and compliant interconnects, ECT focuses on most demanding customer applications and the support of both, small and large volumes.

ECT’s Compliant Connectors are used on Military, Medical, Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Transportation and Industrial applications.

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