Xcerra launches a comprehensive support program for test handlers

OEM Protect Offerings Ensure Full Performance of Handling Equipment

Xcerra’s OEM Protect program offers multiple options to ensure highest equipment uptime and performance in combination with simplified processes and optimized price structure for onsite maintenance and spare parts supply. OEM Protect supports Xcerra customers in achieving the highest return on investment for their test handlers.

Professionally maintained equipment with high quality and reliable parts will yield best production performance, highest Overall Equipment Efficiency, reliable test quality and finally, best cost of test. The Xcerra OEM protect program is based on four generic types of contracts, which will be tailored to the actual requirements of the customer.

  • OEM PM Contract: Effective and efficient savings of preventive maintenance cost.
  • OEM Parts Contract: Easy and cost-efficient spare parts supply
  • OEM Plus: Combines the OEM PM offering or the OEM Parts offering with professional onsite labor support

To meet the needs of HVM production sites, all of these offerings are designed to reduce the administration effort and includes priority escalation services.

For R&D sites or ramping businesses, the OEM Protect program includes the fourth contract option:

  • OEM Ramp Pack: The most flexible short term contract that provides maintenance support through new product ramps and customer deliveries.

Jamie Luke, Vice President Global Field Service, adds: “With the OEM Protect program, we developed a set of flexible contract offerings that provide our customers flexibility and the opportunity to leverage the knowledge gained from our long-term support of a large installed base of equipment. Our global assistance network ensures prompt support in every time zone. Equipment availability and performance is a decisive differentiator and a major contributor to the overall success of our customers. ”

To learn more about the Xcerra OEM Protect program, please visit www.Xcerra.com/OEM-Protect