Combining Flexibility and Throughput Improvements for Sensor Test

Multitest has shipped first 45° high g sensor test module for kitable MT9928 gravity handler

Multitest shipped the first “Shaker” 45° high g sensor test module for the MT9928 to a major international IDM. The module allows for a two axis testing with one single stimulation on a flexible and modular handler platform. The well-established “Shaker” module, which was originally available for the MT93xx only, is now also available for the flexible and modular MT9928 gravity handler.

The MT9928 has a kitable and modular architecture and therefore can be converted to different package types and configured with various loading and unloading options. The generic Multitest MEMS test approach deploys all features and functions of the standard handling system and meets the MEMS specific requirements by adding MEMS/sensor test and calibration carts with dedicated stimulus boxes.

The new 45° high g sensor test solution fully continues this approach. The 45° high g sensor is dedicated for X/Y stimulation of the MEMS devices and allows for two axis testing in one single stimulation. This way one stimulation cycle time can be saved and the packages need to be touched less often, which reduces the risk of damages during test. If testing has to be done at various temperature levels this advantage multiplies.

The new 45° high g module for the MT9928 gravity handler combines test time and test process optimization with more flexibility and better equipment utilization.