Beyond Cable and PCB Testing: ECT Test Fixtures for Final QA

Efficient solution for ensuring best shipment quality

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) product portfolio includes box build test fixtures for testing a product in the state that the end customer (OEM) will receive it. ECT final assembly test fixtures support the contract manufacturers to meet the high yield requirements of the OEMs.

With the increasing complexity of production builds, the potential and actual failure rate rises. Contract Manufacturers need to establish effective and cost-efficient processes to ensure out of the box quality for their deliverables.

ECT’s final assembly test fixtures are designed and manufactured to duplicate the consumer interface with the product allowing for test after final assembly and immediately prior to packaging and shipping. The operator only has to place the assembled product in the test fixture and remove it after test. The process is fully controlled by the test fixture and the operator does not need to deal with cables. This makes the final QA with ECT assembly test fixtures highly reliable and cost-efficient.

Final assembly test fixtures support switch actuation, LED verification, Input / output verification, connector mates / Pogo probe insertion and mechanical / pneumatic actuation. ECT offers build-to-print services for assembly test fixtures.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “We leverage our years of experience in building functional test fixtures and floating connector interfaces for these highly customized assembly test fixtures. The key is the time saved by the operator in hook up and disconnect since they do not have to hook up cables to each unit for the final test since that process is controlled by the test fixture.”

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