ASL 1000

Market Leading Low-Cost Mixed Signal and Analog Test 

  • Key Features

    • lowest cost of ownership
    • HUGE installed base at OSATs throughout Asia
    • fastest time in the market
    • fast test program development and debug
    • multisite capability
    • broad range of DC instrumentation available with source / measure currents from pA to tens of amps and voltages from uV to >1kV
    • flexible linear and mixed signal instrumentation
    • same system in engineering labs to production environment
    • air cooled, small footprint, uses standard 100V, 200V outlet
    • full function manipulator allows wafer level test to final test configurations

  • Focused Applications

    • power management and monitoring
    • voltage regulators (LDO, switching and power)
    • analog MEMS
    • standard linear
    • analog ICs
    • discrete – small signal, high power/voltage (PMOS, NMOS, IGBT, BJT, MOSFET)
    • audio/video (ADCs, DACs, buffer/filters)

Ideal for Cost-sensitive Analog, Linear & Discrete Devices

With its multisite capabilities, fast test times, and low cost of ownership, the ASL platform is the best in class solution for analog, linear and discrete market.

Its wide range of low and high power VIs together with the digital and time measurement capabilities provide a comprehensive test solution for cost sensitive linear and power management devices.

Low Cost

ASL provides industry leading value by delivering a high throughput yet low-cost solution, both from a cost of test and cost of ownership perspective.

Scalable, Flexible, Extensible

Modern production emphasis on multisite and strip testing requires test platforms that provide a high degree of parallelism. ASL offers a straight-forward solution to today’s demanding production requirements.


ASL has always been a low-cost leader in the standard linear market and continues this leadership role by focusing on the same simple factors: small footprint, air cooling with standard 110V/220V, and easy docking.


The ASL instrument portfolio provides a broad range of cost-effective capabilities for testing analog, linear and discrete devices.

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