Xcerra Announces Microchip Technology as the Recipient of the 500th Diamondx Test System

Diamondx Semiconductor Test System Used in Testing a Broad Range of Device Types for the Automotive, Consumer, Industrial and Mobility markets

Xcerra announced that is has shipped the 500th Diamondx test system reaching a critical milestone for Xcerra’s flagship system-on-a-chip (SOC) test system. The 500th test system was delivered to Microchip Technology, the number three supplier of microcontrollers in the world. Microchip will add to their installed base of Diamondx testers in support of high volume production test of devices supplied into the automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

The capabilities of the Diamondx provide customers with the ability to use a test system that incorporates the latest technology for delivering the lowest cost of test while offering instrumentation that can support a wide range of performance requirements including precision analog, high speed SERDES digital and mmWave RF. The architecture of the Diamondx incorporates unique capabilities such as an Integrated Multi-System Architecture, or IMA, that allows customers to better match the test requirements of a device with the cost profile of the test system thereby achieving the lowest cost of test.

Ganesh Moorthy, president and chief operating officer at Microchip Technology, commented, ”Diamondx is not only used for testing microcontrollers, we also rely on the system for high volume manufacturing test of our wireless, networking (USB, Ethernet, MOST, etc.), touch controller and other mixed-signal products. Xcerra provides outstanding technical support in all phases of test development and high volume production test, and when combined with the economics delivered by the Diamondx, this creates a powerful combination. All in all, Xcerra is a high class organization that develops solutions that address our current and future business needs.”

David Tacelli, president and chief executive officer for Xcerra, commented, “Our goal is to develop the semiconductor test solutions that deliver a powerful combination of performance and economic value complemented by world-class customer support. The growing adoption of the Diamondx by top tier semiconductor suppliers such as Microchip is validation that our strategy is succeeding.