The Xcerra Advantage

Xcerra® brings together a deep and broad expertise in test solutions for the electronics industry

  • market leading products
  • optimizing the overall test cell
  • shortening time to high-volume production

Market Leading Products

Xcerra brings together, under one company, a deep and broad expertise in test that enables innovative and cost effective handling, contacting and measurement solutions for the electronics industry.

  • most comprehensive test solutions for the semiconductor industry
  • state-of-the-art solutions for PCB/PCBA test
  • electronic interconnects – enabling products for electronic industry

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Optimizing the Overall Test Cell – Shortening Time to High-Volume Production

With all the critical elements of test cell in one company, Xcerra Corporation is able to provide our customers fully integrated solutions that include the tester, handler, device under test (DUT) interface board and contactors.

Xcerra provides the lowest cost of ownership test cell solutions, that also enhances the customer‘s ability to get to high-volume production sooner.

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