Beyond Cable and PCB Testing: ECT Test Fixtures for Final QA

Efficient solution for ensuring best shipment quality

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) product portfolio includes box build test fixtures for testing a product in the state that the end customer (OEM) will receive it. ECT final assembly test fixtures support the contract manufacturers to meet the high yield requirements of the OEMs.

With the increasing complexity of production builds, the potential and actual failure rate rises. Contract Manufacturers need to establish effective and cost-efficient processes to ensure out of the box quality for their deliverables.

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Ensuring Temperature Accuracy for Testing of High Pin Count Packages

Multitest MT2168 Pick-and-Place Handler offers advanced temperature control features

The Multitest MT2168 pick-and-place handler now offers an optional active socket purge (ASP). The ASP completes the portfolio of advanced temperature control features of the MT2168, which include Active Temperature Control (ATC), Cold Test for Characterization on the ambient / hot base handler version and now the ASP.

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ECT Introduces the SPP-25 Spring Probes for Solar Panel Test

Leveraging contacting expertise for non-destructive measurements

ECT’s SPP-25 probes are designed specifically to support non-destructive electrical contact at various stages of test during the fabrication process of solar photovoltaic (PV) products. ECT’s reliable and effective solution is well suited for high volume production test which is needed as volumes increase due to alternative energies becoming more mainstream.

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atg Luther & Maelzer to exhibit at IPC APEX Expo 2016

High Performance Flying Probe Test and Automation             

At IPC APEX Expo, atg Luther & Maelzer will showcase its bestselling automatic flying probe system: The A7 – Automation (A7a). The A7a combines advanced levels of automation with highest flexibility for handling shipment panels, as well as, big production panels.

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