“Seeking Growth” the topic of the panel discussion at Semicon West:

Xcerra Meets Current Trends in the Semiconductor Business with a Most Comprehensive Approach

The semiconductor test and packaging industry segment is being driven by adoption of increased integration, advanced packaging, and adaptive test. Well-balanced and innovative strategies will be needed to ensure further productivity gains at the semiconductor manufacturers. Equipment suppliers have to reconsider both – their portfolio and organizational structure to meet the new market challenges with innovations starting at products but reaching up to full system level solutions. A comprehensive understanding of the overall electronic market trends ranging from components to assembled modules to end products is required to actively contribute to the next generation technology in test and packaging. Read more

Internet of Things: Are new test strategies needed?

The Internet of Things (loT) seems to be on a good growth trajectory. Novel sensor devices for the end nodes, combinations thereof are launched every month.

Successful test strategies need to ensure that the new sensors devices will be tested and calibrated efficiently. Sensor test typically includes providing a defined stimulus signal while the device is being tested. Today classical gravity, pick & place or turret sensor handling with a stimulus box and their economics are deployed. Whereas for some application areas they still seem to fulfill the requirements, the limits need to be considered. What will be the alternatives?

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Fastest Availability Guaranteed – Spring Probe Supply for Today’s Fast Pace Business

Everett Charles Technologies establishes advanced inventory stocking program for standard spring probes

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) has established an advanced inventory stocking program for standard spring probes to ensure supply chain reliability and flexibility. ECT fully recognized their customers need to shorten product development times and to react promptly to changing demand.

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