Dual Stage Testing of Complex PCBAs: ECT’s Pneumatic Keysight 307x Fixtures

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers reliable and efficient test solutions for complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) in low to high volumes. The ECT Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture meets the test requirements for PCBAs with high test point counts, single or dual side access, and dual stage testing.

The ECT Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture supports ESD safe test of complex PCBAs with 39 mil center-to-center test points. It allows for testing in two stages with 80% of the test contact occurring in the 2nd stage using long travel probes. These dual stage tests usually apply for ICs that also require cooling during power up testing.

Leveraging ECT’s unique fixture design and engineering skills, the optimized manufacturing process and quality controls, the Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture is a reliable test solution with consistent quality and short delivery times of less than 20 days, which supports the fastest time to market of the end product.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “We continue to successfully complete multiple customer projects, deployed in North America and Asia, with this solution for the in-circuit test of complex PCBAs. Our solution fully met the expectations and provided our customers a reliable and efficient test at their contract manufacturing sites.”

To learn more about ECT’s in-circuit test fixtures, please visit http://ect-fsg.com/incircuit-test-fixtures