Multitest ecoAmp Kelvin: Approved Contactor for Automotive High Volume Production

Major IDM selects ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor for high power testing

Multitest’s ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor successfully passed an in-depth evaluation phase at a major IDM. Based on the performance, which was demonstrated in a challenging high power application, the customer decided to make the Multitest ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor their strategic test interface product for existing and future high power test applications at high volume production.

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Multitest Sensor Test Modules Ready for Increased Productions Needs

Optimizing 6DOF Gyro Test of Singulated Packages

Multitest has been the market leader for MEMS/sensor test and calibration equipment for more than 15 years. Multitest has now launched the next generation of its 6DOF gyro test module for singulated packages, which provides significant production benefits resulting in even lower cost of test, enhanced test accuracy and higher daily output.

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Significant Savings in PCBA Test

Everett Charles Technologies offers Standard Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System in one standard size is the entry level bench top test fixture that allows interchangeable cassettes to be used to further reduce fixturing costs. Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System enables reliable spring test probe access to small and medium sized PCBAs. Its cleaver design offers an advanced set of features as standard.

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Quality Management at ECT- Transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

ECT has transitioned it’s Quality Management System from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. ECT’s Quality Management System (QMS) has been rooted in ISO 9001 requirements since 1995. This means all of ECT’s internal processes are geared toward fully satisfying customer requirements while giving additional assurance that ECT’s internal systems are being constantly evaluated to reduce risk and waste while increasing product quality and consistency.

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Xcerra Test Cell Solutions Expand to the Japan Market

Xcerra to deliver a complete and fully integrated test cell for barometric pressure sensors

Xcerra, with its recognized industry-leading suite of flexible and cost-effective MEMS test cell offerings, announced today that a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electronic components located in Japan, has placed an order for a complete test cell for barometric pressure sensors. The business represents the first test cell solution sold into Japan and further validates the value customers see in the test cell solution approach for this high volume market. The Xcerra test cell solution includes an LTX-Credence Diamondx tester, a Multitest InStrip handler based on InCarriers and a Multitest InBaro test module.

The customer chose the Xcerra TCI solution, because it offers faster time to volume, cost-efficiency and high throughput, all of which are mandatory for being successful in the high volume customer market. Combining its expertise in ATE, test handling and interface solutions, Xcerra is able to provide a fully integrated and prevalidated test cell for high accurate test of barometric pressure sensor devices. The test cell solution includes the InBaro module, a proven solution for accurate barometric sensor test with high throughput and stability, the Diamondx test platform, a flexible SOC tester which provides for cost-effective and high efficiency multisite test and the InCarrier which offers high parallelism and reliable handling for sensitive and challenging packages.

In addition to this new business in Japan Xcerra has already delivered complete test cell solutions to IDMs and OSATs in Asia, Europe and North America.

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Xcerra Development Center (XDC) officially opens to Support Taiwan Customers

Xcerra Corporation is pleased to announce the establishment of a direct presence in Taiwan with the opening of our Xcerra development center (XDC) in Zhubei City. The XDC will provide prompt, high level technical support for customers in the region and beyond. When fully staffed it will include qualified persons for performing activities such as production engineering and interfacing, advanced applications support, technical product marketing, and business development. The XDC will also provide support to Spirox Corporation, our distributor in Taiwan, who remains the primary conduit for the sale and service of Xcerra semiconductor test products in Taiwan.

XDC will work closely with the product engineering groups to help align Xcerra’s product roadmaps with local customers’ future high-volume production test requirements. There will be an accelerated response time to support our customers and Spirox because we no longer will need to fly support in from other regions. A local Xcerra team will enable us to be engaged in business development activities day to day to help us grow the customer base. There will be more technical resources that are aligned with international drivers into the region. It allows Xcerra to improve communications between customers and Xcerra engineering and support teams, resulting in i) expediting response times, ii) shortening the “time-to-resolution” factor, iii) providing heightened skill set in region with direct access to Xcerra, and iv) providing a path for customers to learn more about our test systems from same-language experts and having a local apps force that can guide customers in maximizing the architectural benefits of Xcerra products.

The facility is located in Zhubei City close to Hsinchu Park and the HSR Station, and includes a test engineering lab featuring Xcerra’s Diamondx and X Series testers. The facility is operational and ready to support customers in a wide range of technologies including automotive radar, IoT, mobility and display driver ICs.

Xcerra Development Center (XDC)
No. 108, Sec. 2, Wenxing Rd, Zhubei City,
Hsinchu Country 30274, Taiwan, R.O.C.

CAD Models of ECT Products Available for Convenient Download

ECT works with GrabCAD to facilitate access to product drawings

Everett Charles Technologies, the leader in Contact Spring Probes, is providing its customers another solution to find and download their CAD model drawings. ECT has joined GrabCAD, the largest online community of professional engineers, designers and manufacturers. is a secure and convenient platform with over 4 million members sharing CAD files and professional tips.

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Increasing Test Cell Throughput:

Multitest adds “Super-Sharp” option to Quad Tech probes

Multitest’s Super-Sharp Option for Quad Tech probes provides an increase in test cell throughput and maintains the fidelity of the test signal over longer uninterrupted run times for higher yields. Multitest makes these advantages available to customers at no additional cost.

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ECT Introduces New Tools to Its Robust E-Commerce Website

Search Competitor Parts, Download Specs, CAD drawings, ISO and Order Probes

In the past 12 months ECT has provided multiple new tools to its e-commerce website ( including: a competitor cross reference tool; revamped search functionality; the ability to download ISO, mechanical, CAD drawings, and probe/tip replacement instructions; and a new shopping cart to make a purchase or request a quote.

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ECT’s Switch Probes: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Testing Electronic Assemblies

ECT switch probes are cost effective and reliable solutions for non-destructive testing to verify the presence of components or contact leads within a connector assembly. ECT offers proven off-the-shelf options and a large portfolio of custom switch probes. ECT’s experience and design standards combined with its knowledge of materials and platings allows for the quick alignment of probe features with project requirements. ECT switch probes are replaceable by using of one of many receptacle termination options. Customers can choose from gold or nickel plated plungers.

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