LTX-Credence Ships the 600th PAx Test System for Testing RF Front End Devices

PAx and PAx-ac systems continue as the market leader for RF front end device testing

LTX-Credence shipped the 600th PAx test system to Skyworks Solutions, Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors connecting people, places and things. The PAx platform has been specifically designed to address the high volume manufacturing test challenges of suppliers of advanced front end RF devices such as Multiband RF Power amplifiers, RF Front End Modules, RF Analog System in Package and RF discrete devices. The PAx platform is shipped in two main configurations, PAx and PAx-ac, which are deployed at most IDM, Fabless and OSAT companies specializing in the high volume manufacturing and test of these types of devices.

“Our goal with the PAx platform was to offer semiconductor manufacturers of RF front end devices an alternative to deploying their own in house test systems.” Steve Wigley, Vice President of the semiconductor tester group of Xcerra, commented: “Our approach was to leverage LTX-Credence RF manufacturing test technology and use our systems expertise to package it in a compact footprint to offer the required levels of performance, fast test times and operational availability. The shipment of the 600th of these test systems demonstrates the value of this approach, and has established the PAx platform as the clear market leader for testing RF front end applications with an estimated market share greater than 70%”.

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Xcerra’s New Ultra-Compact DxV: Accelerated Time-to-Volume

DxV enables new ways to reduce time from design validation to volume production

Xcerra Tester Group launches the DxV ­-  an ultra-compact ATE with 5 high performance instrument slots, which has been designed for production and evaluation lab use. The DxV completes Xcerra’s toolset supporting efforts for fastest time-to-volume.

The DxV is a five slot variant of the successful Diamondx platform. It is a compact self-contained single ‘box’ solution providing 5 configurable slots for a range of standard Diamondx instruments. The DxV features a fully integrated, production worthy ATE design in ultra-small dimensions, portability, and low weight. The system is designed for low acoustic noise of 55 dB enabling deployment of the DxV in office spaces and engineering labs.
For initial production configuration the DxV features direct or cable dock, and a light portable manipulator option. The DxV is easy to set up and runs the full suite of Unison production tools. The DxV facilitates the transitions to high volume production on the Diamondx, as it uses the same test software and runs the same program.

Together with established Xcerra tools for silicon development the DxV enables the customers to efficiently improve their time-to-volume. The comprehensive Xcerra toolset supports the entire process from design to ´validation to production readiness and finally volume production.

The DxV provides a low cost high density ATE in a small portable and flexible package, offering all the advantages of a mainstream ATE but allows bench to production use.

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LTX-Credence – Supplier of Choice for Testing IoT Devices

Nordic Semiconductor Selects the Diamondx for IoT Device Testing

LTX-Credence today announced that Nordic Semiconductor, a company that specializes in ultra-low power (ULP) 2.4GHz transceivers, notably for the Bluetooth Smart and wearables segments, has selected Xcerra’s LTX-Credence Diamondx for high volume production test of their Internet of Things (IoT) products. Nordic will use the Diamondx in combination with NighthawkCT, an industry leading instrument for low cost RF test of connectivity devices.

The combination of Diamondx and NighthawkCT was specifically designed to offer a new level of test capability for applications driven by the IoT. This new level of capability provides RF connectivity performance testing, as well as, a significantly reduced cost of testing RF enabled devices used in IoT applications.

“We are delighted to once again see LTX-Credence come out of this type of benchmarking exercise with the best overall fit for our testing needs”, notes Ole-Fredrik Morken, Supply Chain Director at Nordic Semiconductor, and adds “While our strategy in this arena is mainly driven by a requirement for highest possible throughput per test cell, we also value a long-term relationship with LTX-Credence and their consistent focus on providing best-in-class test solutions for our product segment. We are currently running high volume production on Diamondx systems at multiple OSATs in Asia.”

Frank Berntsen, Chief Scientist at Nordic, commented, “After analyzing the data we determined that the Diamondx- and NighthawkCT configuration features a superior combination of instrument performance, infrastructure speed and allows for a significant increase in parallel test. This is critically important for us as the application of Bluetooth Smart and emerging technologies for all types of IoT and wearables will further fuel Nordic’s growth, driving the need for high volume, low cost test solutions.”

Steve Wigley, vice president of the semiconductor tester group at Xcerra Corporation commented, “The combination of the Diamondx and NighthawkCT leverages the superior cost structure of the Diamondx for RF connectivity performance testing. The selection of Diamondx and NighthawkCT for high volume production test by a key IoT player such as Nordic validates that our test solutions are well aligned to the needs of these fast growing applications.”

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100th Diamondx Test System Shipped

Customers value cost-efficiency and wide range of applications

LTX-Credence announced a major milestone for one of their key products, the Diamondx. The Company recently shipped the 100th Diamondx test system to an OSAT in China for high volume production of HiSilicon application specific devices. This is an important milestone in the success story of the product and validation of its ability to deliver cost-optimized semiconductor test solutions to the market. While the majority of systems are deployed at OSATs (outsource semiconductor assembly and test companies), it is also well-established at fabless companies and IDMs (integrated device manufacturers).

At launch, the Diamondx was targeted to address the ASSP and MCU markets. Devices in these markets are typically used in consumer and mobility applications. Today the Diamondx is broadly deployed and testing a wide range of microcontrollers, power management, connectivity, application and baseband applications.  In each of its target markets, the lower capital cost as compared to competitive alternatives, high throughput and low operating costs of the Diamondx allows customers the ability to meet their lowest cost of ownership and cost per device test targets. The field-proven performance and cost advantages of the Diamondx have resulted in repeat orders from existing customers and the addition of new customers including the recent designation of the Diamondx as a strategic platform at a major OSAT.

Pascal Rondé, senior vice president, commented, “Xcerra is dedicated to the success of our customers by providing innovative and cost effective test solutions.  The Diamondx provides the ability to test a broad range of applications and its roadmap will continue to expand coverage to an even broader set of devices, accelerating its growth into new markets and customers. We expect the recent selection of the Diamondx by a major OSAT as a strategic platform will further accelerate the product in the marketplace.”

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