ECT Fixture Press Adapter: A Major Step towards Automation, Ease of Handling, Reliability and Cost Reduction

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) recently introduced the new ECT Fixture Press Adapter for in-circuit testing, which utilizes the well-established ECT VG interface to offer a standardized module in the PCBA test setup. Complexity of the fixtures is reduced leading to significant benefits in cost, lead time and reliability, as well as to reductions of the fixtures weight and size. Additionally, the ECT Fixture Press Adapter requires less operator effort.

The Fixture Press Adapter allows for separating the actuation hardware from the core functions of the fixture. The actuation is taken over by the Fixture Press Adapter, which can receive the exchangeable fixtures. The fixture itself can be designed fully dedicated to the actual test without components for actuation. The reduced complexity of the fixture substantially lowers the fixture cost and shortens the lead time. Additionally, the lowered weight and the smaller fixture size provide enhanced ease of operation and reduce the space requirements for storing.

The Fixture Press Adapter is placed onto an existing ICT machine. Inside the adapter, internal connections remap the ICT test interface to the ECT VG 12 block VG (Pylon) interface. Since the adapter has a built-in linear pneumatic press, cassette type fixtures can be quickly loaded into the system for board test. Loading the upper and lower cassette items takes less than 15 seconds.

The ECT Fixture Press Adapter supports PCBAs up to 400 mm x 210 mm and a maximum cylinder travel of 250 mm with an operational speed of 1 to 1.1 seconds. The ECT Fixture Press Adapter is able to deliver a force of up to 8700 N, which corresponds to compressing 3150 8oz probes.

To learn more about ECT’s in-circuit test fixtures, please visit or contact us at to request the data sheet of the ECT Fixture Press Adapter with more technical information

ECT Test Fixtures: Customized Solutions on a Global Scale

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) is a true global test fixture and programming services company, supporting customers worldwide with test design for high volume production PCBA’s. This global presence ensures prompt support while at the same time holding to our global standards and ensuring they are reliably met.

ECT’s Fixture Services Group offers customization for both In Circuit Test as well as Functional Test Fixtures. ECT experts provide support for Supply Chain and Product/Project managers with our ability to offer worldwide fixture duplication and global test fixture installation and support with manufacturing and service centers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

With the application of global fixture standards that are developed in close cooperation with our customers, ECT ensures exact duplication of test fixtures that can be manufactured and deployed globally.

The global product and service portfolio of ECT includes ICT Test Fixtures, FCT Test Fixtures, VG Mass Interconnect Systems, Total Solution Turn Key Projects, Pneumatic Fixtures, Dual Stage, Dual Access, Loopbacks, Bare board and Backplane Test fixtures,

Scott Manty, Director of Sales, explains: “The standardization of parts on a global scale allows us to ensure that the same quality standards are adhered to for meeting the demanding requirements of today’s test industry wherever your product is manufactured. Our ability to deliver, install and support almost anywhere in the world give our customers the advantage of knowing that assistance is very close for part or process change support or ECO implementation.”

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Dual Stage Testing of Complex PCBAs: ECT’s Pneumatic Keysight 307x Fixtures

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers reliable and efficient test solutions for complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) in low to high volumes. The ECT Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture meets the test requirements for PCBAs with high test point counts, single or dual side access, and dual stage testing.

The ECT Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture supports ESD safe test of complex PCBAs with 39 mil center-to-center test points. It allows for testing in two stages with 80% of the test contact occurring in the 2nd stage using long travel probes. These dual stage tests usually apply for ICs that also require cooling during power up testing.

Leveraging ECT’s unique fixture design and engineering skills, the optimized manufacturing process and quality controls, the Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture is a reliable test solution with consistent quality and short delivery times of less than 20 days, which supports the fastest time to market of the end product.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “We continue to successfully complete multiple customer projects, deployed in North America and Asia, with this solution for the in-circuit test of complex PCBAs. Our solution fully met the expectations and provided our customers a reliable and efficient test at their contract manufacturing sites.”

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Beyond Cable and PCB Testing: ECT Test Fixtures for Final QA

Efficient solution for ensuring best shipment quality

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) product portfolio includes box build test fixtures for testing a product in the state that the end customer (OEM) will receive it. ECT final assembly test fixtures support the contract manufacturers to meet the high yield requirements of the OEMs.

With the increasing complexity of production builds, the potential and actual failure rate rises. Contract Manufacturers need to establish effective and cost-efficient processes to ensure out of the box quality for their deliverables.

ECT’s final assembly test fixtures are designed and manufactured to duplicate the consumer interface with the product allowing for test after final assembly and immediately prior to packaging and shipping. The operator only has to place the assembled product in the test fixture and remove it after test. The process is fully controlled by the test fixture and the operator does not need to deal with cables. This makes the final QA with ECT assembly test fixtures highly reliable and cost-efficient.

Final assembly test fixtures support switch actuation, LED verification, Input / output verification, connector mates / Pogo probe insertion and mechanical / pneumatic actuation. ECT offers build-to-print services for assembly test fixtures.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “We leverage our years of experience in building functional test fixtures and floating connector interfaces for these highly customized assembly test fixtures. The key is the time saved by the operator in hook up and disconnect since they do not have to hook up cables to each unit for the final test since that process is controlled by the test fixture.”

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Professional Test Fixture Maintenance Ensures Premium Performance

Everett Charles Technologies offers Test Fixture Maintenance Guide

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) offers a detailed maintenance guide for both ICT and FCT fixtures and probes, which provides best practice techniques and processes. Maintaining the test fixture at optimum levels ensures the best test performance.

Production environments can have a direct impact on the performance of test fixtures and test equipment. Test environment is a large contributor to probe contamination due to flux coated test points on the PCB, nearby wave soldering machines, or even shop floor dust and dirt. High volume production and extended life production runs expose the fixtures to increasing stress and wear, and have driven the need for appropriate fixture maintenance. A test fixture is a precision measuring device that needs to be maintained at optimum levels to gain the best test possible.

In order to maximize the life of ECT, Ostby Barton, and Pylon test probes, ECT offers this compendium of recommended guidelines and cleaning procedures.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “Our highly skilled fixture and probe engineers have developed a detailed maintenance guide. It summarizes our best practices from decades of experience. Applying these processes our customers will benefit from extended life of their test equipment continued proper and consistent functioning and accurate test results during production testing.”

ECT’s Test Fixture Maintenance Guide can be applied for all ECT ICT and FCT fixtures. To learn more, please visit:


Optimized Quality and Delivery Time for In-circuit PCBA Test Fixtures

Everett Charles Technologies launches Fixture Specification Guideline

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) has developed a detailed fixture specification guideline to ensure the highest quality standards possible are met for every fixture project. The comprehensive list of ICT (in-circuit test) fixture standard specifications and options has been developed by the experienced engineering team at ECT and ensures that quality is designed into the fixture from the beginning.

The guideline leverages ECT’s years of experience in test fixture manufacturing. It is continuously updated to consider innovations in test fixtures technologies and field feedback. It allows any customer to benefit from ECT’s extensive fixture knowledge without dedicating internal resources. By keeping to the ECT standard the customer can expect the lowest cost and quickest turn for their project with consistent quality. However, if required every line item of the specification can be adjusted to comply with the customer’s specific project requirements.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “Our Fixture Specification Guideline ensures fast and optimized fixture specification definition before production. Our customers will be able to shorten delivery times and ensure that the fixture capabilities and performance will meet their expectations. With this guideline we directly share our expert knowledge with our customers. This goes beyond a typical supplier role. We partner with our customers to make them successful.”

ECT’s Fixture Specification Guideline can be applied for all ICT fixtures. To learn more, please visit:


Most Reliable and Maintenance-Free Fixtures for PCBA Testing

Everett Charles Technologies introduces the ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) introduces a new vacuum actuated test mechanism: the ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture. This new test fixture ensures predictable and reliable operation in high volume production, cycle after cycle.

The new ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture minimizes down time by eliminating or minimizing jamming, adjustments to the mechanism, and other manual tasks typically encountered during PCBA testing with current industry solutions. The ECT design addresses the common shortcomings of existing solutions and is crucial for extending probe life and improving the cost of test. The ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture is easy to operate. It allows the operator to retest or repeat the 1st and 2nd stage tests during debug.

The ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture protects against damage to the fixture probes, the PCBA and other expensive components. In the event of a power failure to the fixture and tester during 2nd stage testing, the fixture can still be manually released and freed from its dual stage mode. The ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture substantially reduces testing cycle-time and enhances production through-put.

Ned Kottmeyer, Vice President and General Manager – Xcerra/FSG, comments: “The ECT Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture solution offers reliable and maintenance-free operation. Our solution was developed in concert with CM and OEM customers to be optimized for high volume PCBA testing.”

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