Supporting Growth of Integrated Environmental Sensors

Multitest InHumid for testing of environmental combo sensors successfully installed

Multitest’s first InHumid test system for final test of environmental sensors was successfully installed at a major European IDM. The Multitest solution allows for high volume single-insertion test and calibration of integrated environmental sensors measuring pressure, temperature, humidity and gas.

InHumid is an optional upgrade to Multitest’s well-established InBaro module, adding humidity and gas test to the barometric test capability provided by InBaro. The physical structures to apply humid air or gas flow to the DUT reside inside the conversion kit. This architecture facilitates easy upgrading in the field. For testing the gas element of environmental sensors InHumid can be extended by a gas option. This option provides the measures needed to operate the machine in a safe manner when testing typical environmental, gases traced in air quality monitoring, or personal fitness applications (e.g. connections to attach to a general exhaust system).

The InHumid solution fully leverages the temperature capabilities and proven high volume performance of the InBaro/InStrip set-up. Like with InBaro InHumid can be used in a Multitest InCarrier set up to support reliable and robust test handling of small MEMS packages, which are typical for environmental sensors in consumer applications.

Gabriela Born, Director InMEMS and IoT Products, comments: “Our customers are experiencing a growing demand for environmental sensors mainly driven by expanding applications on consumer devices. In particular gas sensors in smartphones and wearables are expected to raise the number of shipped units exponentially over the next 4 to 5 years. To meet this demand, true high-volume production solutions will be necessary, which provide reliable test at low cost per unit.”

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New Battery Probe from Everett Charles Technologies:

Performance Off-the-Shelf with the New ECT CP-4 Probe

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) recently expanded its portfolio of Battery Interconnect Probes by adding the CP-4 probe. CP-4 is a standard off-the-shelf solution, which has been designed specifically for rigorous high reliability applications. CP-4 combines the low technical risk, fast delivery and high economies of scale of a typical standard product with the extraordinary electrical performance and reliability resulting from ECT’s extensive spring probe knowledge of materials and platings.

The CP-4 meets the requirements of high reliability applications by ensuring sustainable, consistent, and reliable contact. It is also tolerant to shock and vibration. The relatively high compliance helps to overcome planarity issues.  The CP-4 probe is capable of carrying 10 Amp DC and provides a low resistance contact (25 mOhm average). It has a proven life of over 100,000 cycles.

The outstanding performance is based on ECT’s proven Biasing-Ball™ and double roll close construction. The design using a deep draw plunger for a low mass head increases reliability in shock/vibe.

The CP-4 probe can easily be pressed into plastics or attached to a PCB. The CP-4 tail configurations include surface mount, through hole (straight or 90 degree angle) and solder cup. It is available as a lose probe or integrated into a custom Compliant Connector Solutions, CCS™. (To read more about the CP-4 or CCS see our website

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager, highlights: “CP-4 provides reliable high performance at lower cost than other similar in-class products. Leveraging ECT’s design expertise and complete manufacturing capabilities, the CP-4 is a cost-efficient solution that will help to bring products to market faster and easier.”

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Dual Stage Testing of Complex PCBAs: ECT’s Pneumatic Keysight 307x Fixtures

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers reliable and efficient test solutions for complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) in low to high volumes. The ECT Pneumatic Actuated Keysight 307x In-Circuit Test Fixture meets the test requirements for PCBAs with high test point counts, single or dual side access, and dual stage testing.

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