InCarrier Loader plus Dedicated to High Volume Production

Multitest launches the next generation loader for test in carriers

Multitest is launching the first InCarrier Loader plus with the shipment to a major IDM with high volume production in Europe and Asia.
The InCarrier Loader plus is the new state-of-the art loading solution for test in carriers. It is designed to optimize the back-end process at high volume production sites. The InCarrier Loader plus supports device loading to carrier from standard back-end transport media in a most cost-efficient and productivity-oriented way.

Since Multitest introduced the InCarrier concept to leverage the advantages of strip handling for singulated packages, this process has been well-accepted in the market. Up to now more than 3 billion packages were tested on InCarrier set-ups. The customers fully benefit from the robust, high parallel test solution. The advantages are particularly recognized for large production lots, long test times and/or small packages.

The InCarrier Loader plus is minimizing cost of loading and increases throughput up to 16,000 units per hour depending on packages sizes. The InCarrier Loader plus has been optimized for smaller footprint and requires less space on the test floor. The InCarrier Loader plus is supporting standard back-end transport media – such as JEDEC trays and bulk – and can be smoothly integrated in state-of-the-art production flows and lines. On the test floor the InCarrier Loader plus / InStrip solution can be combined with standard final packaging equipment for tape & real, tube or tray output and fits therefore seamless into the production process.

Andreas Nagy, Senior Director Marketing commented: “Multitest was the first supplier who actually offered the test in carrier solution – the first Multitest InCarrier Loader / Unloader was launched as a dedicated loading and unloading tool. The InCarrier Loader plus leads this concept to the next level of overall productivity improvement. This gets achieved by significant loading cost reduction at the InCarrier Loader plus and the elimination of the additional unloading steps, because the trays with the tested devices will be processed directly by traditional final packaging equipment for high volume production.”

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High Volume Test and Calibration of Barometric Sensors

Multitest InBaro confirmed as platform of choice

Multitest successfully introduced a new solution to their MEMS test and calibration portfolio: Multitest InBaro for high parallel test of barometric sensors. During a benchmark evaluation at a major European semiconductor manufacturer the InBaro specification outperformed the competition and was selected as the standard platform for test and calibration of their barometric sensor devices for consumer applications.

The InBaro provides a reliable multisite test and calibration solution for barometric pressure sensors and gas detection sensors for e.g. 144 and more devices in parallel with a maximum signal count of 2400 pins per insertion. It enables temperature test at a range form – 40°C up to +125°C with best temperature accuracy and stability. The InBaro standard configuration supports quick exchange between five pressure levels – more can be added on request. InBaro features absolute pressures up to 1,500 mbar. The InBaro can be upgraded to “InHumid” to expand the application to other environmental sensor devices.

As an addition to the Multitest InMEMS portfolio the InBaro continues the modular concept, which allows for highest flexibility and reuse of equipment. Based on the InStrip handler, which can process packages in strips or carriers, all InMEMS modules fully leverage the highly stable package handling and ease-of-operation to ensure production proven high throughput and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Andreas Bursian, Product Manager, comments: “With InBaro our focus is to provide a solution for high volume production of barometric pressure sensors. We understand the urgency in consumer application field for best productivity and return on investment to meet the volume and cost targets. The customer appreciates the production proven modular concept of InMEMS, which convinces with the ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Based on the InMEMS architecture the InBaro set-up can be easily converted for other MEMS test applications. The ability to upgrade the InBaro to InHumid is in line with the anticipated developments in the consumer applications area.”

Multitest offers a variety of solutions for test and calibration of pressure sensors in strips or singulated. The portfolio ensures that the actual test requirements in terms of pressure level, package type and production volume will be matched.

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atg Luther & Maelzer to exhibit at IPC APEX Expo 2015

High Performance Flying Probe Test and Automation

atg Luther & Maelzer will exhibit its fully automated flying probe test solution at the upcoming IPC APEX Expo scheduled to take place February 24 -26, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center, California, USA.

At IPC APEX Expo, atg Luther & Maelzer will showcase its latest generation automatic flying probe system: The A7 – Automation (A7A).

The A7A meets the customer demand for total automation and lights-out operation including processing of different part numbers and product sizes. The A7A has the capability of handling production panelsup to 25” x 21” (635 mm x 535 mm) with an active test area of 24” x 20” (610 mm x 510 mm). The A7A features 8 high-speed carbon fiber test heads in combination with 4 high resolution color cameras. Besides final products, the system can be equipped with tension clamps for testing production panels down to 16 mil (0,4 mm) thickness. The high-speed A7A performs up to 125 measurements per second, depending on the product under test and test method used, on pad sizes as small as 1.3 mil.

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Cost-efficient and Flexible Solution for Managing Power Dissipation

Multitest ATC for the MT2168 Pick-and-Place Handler

The Multitest ATC option for the MT2168 pick-and-place handler offers a most cost-efficient and flexible solution for managing low to medium range power dissipation at multisite test cells with up to 16 sites. Multitest ATC is an easy add-on to the standard MT2168, which can be mounted and demounted effortless. Multitest ATC is an affordable, reliable and flexible solution for test development and high volume production.

In the past power dissipation was recognized as an issue for high performance server, processor and graphic applications. Today package density and integration increases more and more to achieve higher speed and save space particularly in mobile applications. The power dissipation here is significantly less than in the high performance applications. However, thermal stress may damage the packages, temperature test may be distorted and test repeatability and yield lost. Additionally, there is a higher cost pressure for this market, which requires best cost of test configurations.

Multitest meets this need for managing power dissipation with the ATC add-on to the MT2168. No dedicated equipment is required, but all ATC functions are delivered by parts of the conversion kit. The operation is unchanged to a standard set-up and no dedicated training or spare part management is needed.

The Multitest ATC ensures highest flexibility. It can easily be mounted, demounted and changed to other MT2168 handlers in the field. Any standard MT2168 can be configured with this add-on, but will be available for standard test again once the add-on will be removed.

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100th Diamondx Test System Shipped

Customers value cost-efficiency and wide range of applications

LTX-Credence announced a major milestone for one of their key products, the Diamondx. The Company recently shipped the 100th Diamondx test system to an OSAT in China for high volume production of HiSilicon application specific devices. This is an important milestone in the success story of the product and validation of its ability to deliver cost-optimized semiconductor test solutions to the market. While the majority of systems are deployed at OSATs (outsource semiconductor assembly and test companies), it is also well-established at fabless companies and IDMs (integrated device manufacturers).

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